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Version Information From Wikipedia: Copyright Information Because this Bible is in the public domain, you are free to quote from or reprint it. Because of its prominence in seminaries, it was in America sometimes simply called the "Standard Bible". This revision project eventually produced the Revised Version RV.

The American Standard Version of the Holy Bible ()

An invitation was extended to American religious leaders for scholars to work on the RV project. In , thirty scholars were chosen by Philip Schaff. These scholars began work in Three of the editors, the youngest in years, became the editors of the American Standard Revised New Testament: Dwight, Thayer and Matthew Riddle. Any suggestion of the American Revision Committee would only be accepted if two-thirds of the British Revisers agreed.

The 5 books of Moses -- the Law

This principle was backed up by an agreement that if their suggestions were put into the appendix of the RV, the American Committee would not publish their version for 15 years. The appendix had about three hundred suggestions in it. Around this time, the British team disbanded.

NASB Audio Bible Non Dramatized

Also around this time, unauthorized copied editions of the RV appeared with the suggestions of the American team in the main text. This was possible because while the RV in the UK was the subject of a Crown copyright as a product of the University Presses of Oxford and Cambridge , this protection did not extend to the U.

In , publishers for Oxford and Cambridge Universities published their own editions of the RV with the American suggestions included. However, these suggestions were reduced in number but it did incorporate all of those suggestions which were listed in the Appendixes, as can be verified by comparing the Appendixes with the main text of the edition.

American Standard Version

Some of those Americanized editions by Oxford and Cambridge Universities had the title of "American Revised Version" on the cover of their spines. In , the International Council of Religious Education the body that later merged with the Federal Council of Churches to form the National Council of Churches acquired the copyright from Nelson and renewed it the following year. The copyright was a reaction to tampering with the text of the Revised Version by some U.

By the time the ASV's copyright expired for the final time in , [5] interest in this translation had largely waned in the light of newer and more recent ones, and textual corruption hence never became the issue with the ASV that it had with the RV.

Copyright Information

Because the language of the ASV intentionally retained the King James Version's Elizabethan English , was printed with comparatively lower quality materials, and because of what some perceived to be its excessive literalism, it never achieved wide popularity, and the King James Version would remain the primary translation for most American Protestant Christians until the publication of the Revised Standard Version in There were two rationales for the ASV. One reason was to obviate any justification for the unauthorized copied editions of the RV that had been circulating.

Another reason was to use more of the suggestions the American team had preferred, since the British team used few of their suggestions in the first place, even in the later version which they had published incorporating some of them.