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This volume is over pages and is organized neatly into the major groupings representing the spiritual objectives of Le Royaume, namely, Seek the Kingdom, Love the Kingdom, Defend the Kingdom. In addition, you will find enough essays to learn the key elements of my personal story if you are interested; though, for a full account, you still will want to read the My Stor y reading plan below in addition to Royaume France.

Royaume France is a unique and comprehensive work. It represents a decade of prayerful meditation with and on the life of St. Joan of Arc as seen through the spiritual eyes of St. This is a collection of essays that over time flowered into a model, a system, that begins not with religion but with philosophy and the need to resurrect ultra-realism as the key to true belief leading to true reason. By reorienting our natural philosophy toward belief, we then are drawn religiously and spiritually into a Holy Realism as St.

Through Holy Realism, dogma and the guidance of Holy Mother Church become our necessary guiding lamps leading us to the Kingdom of Heaven. Our love for the Kingdom transforms us. Our world view changes. We allow God to explain His point of view. We are coming to true reason and understanding. We are, effectively, living the prayer of the Our Father. Royaume France develops this model in light of the combined spirituality of St.

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This plan a breakdown of individual books which are collected in Royaume France includes: The Dove and Rose. The king readily agreed, and construction began immediately. To play for time, the daughter visited the structure regularly and suggested improvements and additions. Finally, when the tower was finished, and it was impossible to build it any higher or stronger, she climbed up to its topmost pinnacle and threw herself into the sea, her virginity still intact. Nothing about this ancient edifice is really known for certain except its physical characteristics.

It sits anchored to a rock on the edge of the Caspian Sea in the Ichari Shahar, or ancient quarter of Baku. The great quantity of stone needed to construct it would have been sufficient to build a defensive wall around the whole of the ancient city.

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Its walls, five meters Each floor has curious recesses set into its walls. Nine narrow windows face outwards towards the Caspian Sea and could not, therefore, have been used for defense. Maiden Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan. The most curious and puzzling aspect of the tower, however, is the strange trapezoidal projection that points away eastwards towards the rising sun. From the air, it gives the whole building the appearance of a colossal key, or a gigantic tadpole stranded forever on the Caspian shoreline.

When the tower first came under serious scientific scrutiny early last century, the Soviet scientists who examined it could find no function for this anomalous projection. It was not a breakwater, or a stabilizing buttress, and it was no use for defensive purposes. This was mostly based on the evidence of an Arabic inscription set high in the wall which reads: Not long ago, however, the Azeri historian Sara Ashurbeyli convincingly demonstrated that this inscription was merely a piece of broken tombstone used to repair the tower during the Middle Ages. Since then, speculation has grown concerning the real age and function of the building.

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Recent evidence suggests that the structure predates the advent of Islam by many centuries, and is far older than anyone had hitherto imagined. For thousands of years the Absheron peninsula - upon which Baku stands - was a holy land sacred to those who revered fire as a living symbol of divinity. Pilgrims travelled from far afield in order to worship there.

Scores of shrines and temples once covered its windy promontory, lighting up the skies with innumerable natural fires; for Baku sits on one of the largest oilfields in the Middle East.

Architectural Features of the Maiden’s Tower

The earth here is saturated with black naphtha and natural gas. In ancient times, it would have oozed up under the feet of its inhabitants. At times, it would have erupted spontaneously out of vents in the earth and ignited to create spectacular fountains of perpetual fire: Maiden Tower, painting, Tahir salahov.

Some Iranian historians, like Bastani Parisi, believe it to have been a temple to the goddess Anahita, the virgin deity presiding over waters and fertility. A deep well within the tower, cut twenty feet 6. Far more colorful is the interpretation of Professor Davud Akhundov, an expert on the architecture of Caucasian Albania, and a native of Baku. He dates the tower back all the way to the 6th century BC.

Each floor of the tower - he maintains - was once dedicated to a particular hypostasis of Ahura Mazda. Each possessed its own altar and its own uniquely-colored holy fire. The fires were fed by currents of natural gas conducted to the altars via a 30 cm If the building was indeed a Zoroastrian temple, however, it is unlike any that we know.

Gas-fed altars of the sort described by Dr. Akhundov are certainly known to have existed. But the little that we know of early Zoroastrian agiaries suggests that they were invariably rectangular in plan, and not circular. If this smaller structure was the real temple, then what could have been the function of the tower behind it?

Other historians attempt to distance themselves from Dr. Aleksperov and Gala Akhmadov believe the tower to have been a Zoroastrian observatory, with each of its nine windows angled to a particular heavenly body. The ancient Persians, after all, were famous for their knowledge of astrology.

Legends of the Maiden’s Tower

A soberer explanation is given M. Nabiyev, who sees the structure as a mausoleum.

To bury bodies in the ground dishonored the earth, which was sacred to Zoroastrians. Engraving of Tower of Silence, Mumbai. No one, it must be admitted, really knows anything for certain about the Gyz Galasy. The only sure facts are that it is a building of very great antiquity, constructed either by the indigenous Albanian peoples, or by priests of the Zoroastrians faith.


In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it became a lighthouse. Its light was finally extinguished in ; and the tower was opened to the public in as a museum. Today, this most famous landmark in Baku draws thousands upon thousands of visitors. The Maiden Tower Azerbaijani: It seems this remarkable monument is likely to remain standing on its rock for many more centuries to come, igniting the passions and lighting up the imaginations of all who gaze upon it.

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