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Suddenly everything Jasmine does, from getting to school to making a sandwich, puts a fortune at risk. While Jasmine's family of reluctant ec Jasmine Hayward's dreams for her junior year focus on guys, friends and landing the lead roles in her high school's plays. While Jasmine's family of reluctant eco-warriors frantically strives and connives its way toward their goal, Jasmine fears that winning the money means losing friends, guys and her dream of an acting career.

In this refreshingly funny, skillful coming of age story, Jasmine finds love in the last place she expected it. She also makes it to Hollywood but not in the way she imagined. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Freaking Green , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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Sep 28, Cass rated it really liked it. This is our kick-off book for a statewide book club. I have to say that despite it's young target audience, it was a fun and educational read. Sometimes, less really is more. My early writing has insanely long sentences and an awkward formality. I got over it, and my writing got better. Unless your character is supposed to be skin-shrinkingly patronising and sleazy. Great post, and so true! Most attempts to go beyond the existing bounds of a personal lexicon are destined to ring hollow. That goes for the authorial voice and for the voices of individual characters that the author is channeling.

Thanks for starting my morning with a laugh! I recently got a comment on my Facebook page from a fan who wondered why, in my recent novels, I did not use as many long words as I did in my earlier books. Erika- do keep foliage! But as many have pointed out, experience helps. We bandied about the dinner table polysyllabic words as we would badminton birdies.

Walk, stroll, perambulate, hasten…. Speaking to the point of the post: Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Those words should perhaps be reserved for a pretentious character or a moment of sarcasm. My favorite part of this post because we were supposed to pick a favorite, right? I think you should write an epic fantasy novel called Verdancia. That should cure the lot of us. It really is all about usage. I want to join the Backspace Verdant Conspiracy, but first I need to write a book where someone has a yard. Or at least goes to the park. Most importantly and also because it is supposed to be most important.

I hope none of these were up there and I either forgot or blocked them out — ungh! Have you ever heard anyone say shibboleth to another human being? Great post full of humor and wisdom.

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I love this post. Funny report from the field: Only the small words? But it made me wonder. Are kids still growing up thinking that bigger words are better? Or was this an isolated incident? Thanks for the laugh this morning. I like what you said about it being the authors voice. It has to flow. It has to sound like it belongs. I love this post! It seems that it sells a lot of books judging by the above authors who are out there to annoy you.

A coworker jokes that he leaves Google up to define the random stuff that comes out of my mouth during the day. The only place I can clearly recall reading that particular word in print — where it fit, and beautifully — is the 23rd Psalm in Holy Scripture. I will square this un-lantered jaw and somehow proceed.

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Which word says what you mean, the best way, for the person, world, etc. Thank you for spelling it out in the greenest way possible. Sounds better, everybody gets it. A storm is a storm. I actually do use verdant in my everyday speech and in my books when it is appropriate. I propose that egregious should only be allowed in legal texts or to illustrate that a character is a pompous lawyer.

And speaking of voice and conviction: Waiting for your novel! Impacted should be used only when referring to wisdom teeth that need to be surgically removed. And why do poor graduate students, archeologists, and single women always have an abundance of chipped mugs and chintz furniture that they inevitably found on a local street curb? I always picture a falling down shack. A mustachioed man cannot resist chuckling as he journeys across a frozen tundra devoid of any verdant foliage, but becomes pedantic — hell, downright maudlin — when his plans are impacted by an egregious squall, forcing him to run, arms akimbo, back across that darned tundra.

What can I say? Super post for a rainy day in New York. Being born deaf and not hearing conversations around me put me a little behind my peers in vocabulary. My parents sent me to a tutor for a few years.

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Hated it, but it paid off. Before replying to all, take a quick moment to see if everybody on the list really needs to get your message. Instead of asking your colleague to re-send that document you need for the big presentation, do a quick search of your inbox and archives to see if you have it already. Tailoring your audience help you increase conversion rates while cutting back on carbon. Instead of sending that email, have a little chat.

Actually, that is right. The carbon footprint of a tweet is estimated to be 0. That sort of thing. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind:. Look up once in a while. How social is it to spend your time looking at your phone? Or maybe you signed up on Google Plus to get more exposure for your business, book club, or improv group. Just Delete Me has direct links to the delete pages for hundreds of social media sites, with a visual guide of how easy it is to send your account into cyber-oblivion.

With the rise of cloud computing, you can reduce your personal carbon footprint by relying on the economies of scale that cloud storage provides. Data centers use a lot of energy. All computers have an energy overhead, and in our experience most on-premises servers tend to be underutilized.

Some of the most efficient network hardware costs an extreme amount of money and also requires large amounts of use to make them cost effective. Rarely can the average business justify such purchases, not just in money, but also in utilization. Using a managed hosting service that optimizes its networked hardware for maximum efficiency can help you save carbon while reducing your monthly energy bills. Most on-site servers use consumer-level cooling systems, utilizing carbon-excessive air conditioners, fans, or possibly water cooling systems that tap into municipal supplies.

Cloud storage centers, however, can develop custom cooling technologies that are much more efficient on a per-machine basis. We offer a revolutionary level of flexibility in server architecture to our consumers. For example, by customizing your data access and storage needs through our LEAP platform, we can greatly optimize your compute environment and consolidate server use.

This helps you use what you need to run and grow your business, saving carbon emissions while keeping energy use low. Even if your main server is on the premises, you still have to worry about offsite backups to protect your company and customer data. Setting up a second server can multiply your carbon footprint and jack up your costs.

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Our virtual machine solutions are integrated with our already efficient server architecture to provide redundancy and diagnostic tools. We also offer standalone backup services for those who want to keep their primary servers close at hand. But every individual decision we make helps.

We at SingleHop believe that most people are not merely mindless consumers of technology, but want to use technology to make connections with others so they can live richer, more fulfilling lives. Hopefully this post has helped you learn more about a few of the ways you can make small strides in reducing carbon consumption through technology. And we know we can always learn more, too. Bellona, David and Tash Wong. Read more at http: The site was chosen for its optimal wind conditions and minimal environmental constraints, as well as its close proximity to a kV Eskom grid line.

This is really great news — we shouls all take advantage of this Green initiate — get rewarded for you green lifestyle!!

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The 12L allows deductions calculated at 45 cents per kilowatt hour or kilowatt hour equivalent of energy efficiency savings. A person claiming the deduction must obtain a certificate issued by an institution, board or body prescribed by the regulations. To claim for energy efficiency savings from National Treasury the Regulation requires that a baseline must be set at the beginning of an assessment year with a reporting period of the energy use at the end of the year of assessment and that such savings calculations meet the full criteria and methodology used to calculate energy efficiency savings.

No double dipping is allowed, which means concurrent benefits in respect of the energy efficiency savings may not be received.

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Their website is http: AEE keeps tight control of the quality of candidate that receives Certification in that it requires maintaining Certification through continuing education and providing proof thereof for re-Certification every 3 years. The AEE has been developing the energy engineering field for over 36 years. The next scheduled courses will be in Cape Town on March , Johannesburg on May and October , and in Kenya on June Once completed, the 1 kW system will cover an area of 8 m 2 , generating about 1.