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As mentioned previously, according to the A-B-C theory of personality, the belief, not the activating event, causes the emotional consequence. When the belief is irrational, the emotion is not healthy. The consequences of irrational beliefs can be relatively mild procrastination, for example but can also be extremely disruptive, immobilizing, or even dangerous. Irrational beliefs will often be obvious in how people talk to themselves.

Asking the question, "What are you telling yourself about.

Understanding Psychological Health: The REBT Perspective by Windy Dryden

Irrational beliefs probably exist as extreme, automatic attitudes or extreme, evaluative, psychological schemas about which people are not too clearly aware which generate the absolute language, the "must. Part of the difficulty in changing the irrational beliefs is becoming aware that they are present. As would be expected, REBT argues that mental wellness results from a surfeit of rational beliefs and an absence of self-defeating beliefs. When a stressful activating event occurs and the operating belief is a rational one, then the resulting emotional consequence is not unhealthy or immobilizing.

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This does not mean a healthy person never experiences sorrow or displeasure, but REBT does hope to keep debilitating emotions to a minimum. REBT teaches that unconditional self-acceptance is of prime importance in achieving wellness. Healthy people know that they are not perfect and will continue to make mistakes, but see themselves as worthwhile nevertheless.

They consider themselves valuable just as a result of being alive; in fact, they relish life and they have the capacity to continually enjoy themselves. The D stands for disputing: REBT teaching suggests that the therapist ask the client if there is any evidence for the belief, or what would be the worst possible outcome if the client were to give up that belief.

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In therapy the counselor may point out faulty beliefs, but he or she also teaches the client how to dispute them in day-to-day life outside of therapy. The result of disputing the self-defeating belief and replacing it with a rational one yields an effective philosophy E , and also a new set of feelings F which are not debilitating. Although REBT teaches that the counselor should demonstrate unconditional full acceptance, the therapist is not encouraged to build a warm and caring relationship with the client.

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