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A story of revenge, lust, love and justice. Lazy Mornings by Alcetore reviews Mikasa and Levi share some intimacy. Varios personajes, predominantemente Hiccstrid. An Impossible Moment by jadesunset reviews AU: Astrid had imagined what she would say if she ever saw him again. It wasn't likely, and many said it was impossible; that she would ever have the chance. But now that he is standing before her, she can't remember what she needed to say. Astrid Hofferson is Class President and most popular girl in school.

But Astrid's popularity hides an insecure young woman battling against impossible expectations while Hiccup struggles in an abusive home. Both wear masks at school-but can they see behind the other's facade and help each other through? Caught by Lovelaced reviews Hiccup walks in on Astrid masturbating. Their lives are filled with passion and dangerous foes who threaten to tear them apart.

The story is better that summary! Girls like Girls by lilllythenextfirebenderavatar reviews Korra and Asami met at a concert. They already have a strong connection but little did Korra know. Asami has a boyfriend and His name is Mako. Will they end up together? Will Korra end up falling in love with someone else and Asami will be too late? Fresh off breakups when they met at the bar, get wasted, and had sex. What happens when Astrid realizes that she slept with the lead singer of her favorite band, and ends up pregnant?

They try to make it work but a jealous ex interferes and tears them apart. How far is Hiccup willing to go and give up to get back the love of his life and have their family? Mi primer fic KorraSami! Unplanned by sg1cat reviews After Hiccup saved the people of Berk, things seemed to be going so well, but not everything goes as planned. Will Hiccup and Astrid find happiness together? Mature for copious lemons and other adult themes. Starts after the first movie. Hiccup a slim built dork.

She must be married and pregnant a few months from now. Will she be prepared for everything coming her way? Second Chances by IdaMarielle reviews Just as Astrid realizes she is in love with her best friend Henry Haddock, he falls for someone else. Heartbroken, she ends up leaving for Europe right after graduation. What happens when she stumbles into him again, seven years later? Cover of Night by BookLover86 reviews Hiccup is gone. He ran away after he was chosen to kill the Monstrous Nightmare and Stoick refuses to chose a successor.

Five years after Hiccup disappeared, a Night Fury is shot down, but there is one thing special about this dragon: There is a human on it's back. The mysterious young man seems harmless, but is his past? Que esperar cuando esperas by ing. Arranged by mrsgunsage reviews Hiccup and Astrid are arranged by their parents when they're He's happy, she's furious.

She spends a year taking her anger out on him and making him miserable. No longer willing to marry her and tired of being Berk's punching bag, he leaves after he heals from the fight with the Red Death. When he finally returns, he's not what Berk was expecting… and he's not alone.

Just read and leave a review. Nude by BlueberryToasterTart reviews With what could be the last of her youthful freedom, Astrid takes a chance while visiting her grandmother in the city and answers a wanted ad for a nude model. Korra is currently a senior at Republic High, attending her last year of high school. What could go wrong being a decent student, a well-playing tennis athlete, and from what's she's just discovered, an alpha with the sweetest girlfriend anyone could ask for?

She's living the life. Korpal and Korrasami Legend of Korra - Rated: Las ruedas han empezado a girar. Satisfied by osito1r reviews This is my first ever fanfiction,I've read many modern AU hicstid and I wanted to take a different direction as in Astrid and Snotlout are not dating and have never dated before, I wanted to make Astrid as hard as possible while keeping her as innocent as possible and change Hiccup a bit too, modern Au. Prince Hiccup, the Bachelor by BlueberryToasterTart reviews Hiccup is a prince of the seaside kingdom of Berk, and is notorious for his frivolous and devious lifestyle, that is coming to a screeching halt with the Matrimonial Congregation, the assembly from which Hiccup will pick his future wife.

But he's less than excited. Astrid is a resentful but obedient servant girl in the castle, but both of theirs lives get tossed by the other. This is my world, Earthland by Callidus-Neuro reviews What if Lucy was a powerful, dimension-hopping wizard? Like how everything starts, Lucy meets Natsu and Happy at Hargeon town.

But when he takes her to the guild, she already has a guild mark. It turns out that she joined Fairy Tail in a different world! But that isn't all. Lucy hides a darker secret- one she doesn't want anyone to know. Lucy x Erza endgame. Un afortunado incidente by Kutral reviews AU: El odio y desprecio por los que no dominan ningun elemento es algo con lo que debe lidiar ahora.

Korra es parte del movimiento, pero nadie conoce sus verdaderas intenciones ni que es el avatar. Ambas buscaran la manera de sobrevivir a la guerra [Korrasami] Legend of Korra - Rated: It's Complicated by CrazyCrimes reviews Hiccup's been dating an opressive girl named Kari for a year now. She's been changing his life for the worse, not even his best friends can bring him back to his old self. Until maybe he meets this new girl. Unexpected discovery by Jinx Argent reviews After the battle with Drago and the bewilderbeast, the Vikings of Berk threw a huge celebration.

Dealing with drunks was not that Hiccup had in mind, worse so when one of them lets slip a 19 year old secret that would change his life forever. Where I Belong by Nightstar Fury reviews When Hiccup stumbles on an object of his mother's, he realizes that it's a link to the past he's never known. Having enough of his mother's neglect, Hiccup leaves with Toothless to find who he is and ends up on Berk where they start anew and where he learns that everything his mother ever told him was a lie.

Including that Berk was his home and his father is chief of the island. Moonlit Shadows by funkytoes reviews Astrid has a complicated history with vampires. A Hunter, she's trained from a young age to kill them. The chance to take down Hiccup Haddock, a vampire heir? But when faced with the task, she finds him to be entirely different from what she expected, and decides to protect him from the people who trained her to kill him.

Cabin Fever by Amaya0kami reviews Kenny is placed under house-arrest and only Levi and Mikasa are suited for guard-duty. They set up base at an isolated cabin in the mountains, but a storm brews and they get snowed in. Once the cold starts kicking in, it's only logical to huddle your body heat together to avoid frostbite, but that's when Levi and Mikasa both realize they're experiencing more than just cabin fever. Jerza Nalu Gruvia Miraxus. Lemon Fairy Tail - Rated: Fight, Hide, Repeat by Dragonling reviews Alice has spent nearly five years on her own after the outbreak in Raccoon city roaming the northern wilds.

When a fluke sends her back to the southern regions where infected and survivors are duking it out, she will meet friends, old and new, and decide if she truly has the will not just to survive, but to live. M for violence, and language. Mr and Mrs Ackerman by pluushie reviews Somewhere between the relentless training sessions, arguments, and late nights sorting documents in his office, Mikasa and Lance Corporal Levi got married.

At least, that's what Mikasa was told. Thirst by OppaiSamurai reviews In which Elsa has a penis and is a vampire and she has to hold back the impossibly strong desire she suddenly has for her sister and fails. Todo sea para escapar de esos monstruos y sobrevivir. Lemon de algunas parejas de Fairy. Identified as a Special, one of a tiny handful of people with amazing abilities, she is forcibly recruited and studied by the government. Though her life grows ever darker, she clings to one hope: Rated M for sex, violence and naughty words. Azares del destino by Jerome Van Eyck reviews Durante un viaje de negocios, el dirigible en el que viaja Asami Sato es asaltado por un grupo de rebeldes liderados por el Avatar.

I wanted one where Korra plays hockey and after finding none I decided to make my own. There will be smut at some point, so that's why the rating is M. Por las Noches, una peligrosa delincuente. Slavery by Josy reviews New story. Asami was taken away from her home. Rated M for violence and sexual themes. Historia Korrasami y Kuvisami. Shades of Rust by FollowThatConvoy reviews What happens when the t-virus makes another appearance in an isolated little town called Arcadia?

And what happens when an innocent life announces impending doom? Sequel to Blue Jeans and Silver Lining, and hopefully, my retirement letter. All Are Equal by AvatarAang7 reviews Jinora comes to realize how bad her family has it, and decides to step up. She asks Korra for help to make some money, but that has a catch: Korra is a dealer. Modern Legend of Korra AU. Rated M for drugs, violence, alcohol, and sex. Kainora later on, background Korrasami.

Toothbrush by somebody's secret reviews "I'm just saying there's no need to rush all the time. You always stay the night anyway, so why not just leave a toothbrush? Dame la oportunidad by BelyyDyavol reviews Lucy y Natsu han sido amigos desde la infancia Story will contain sexual scenes. The Last Summer of You and Me by killaawhales reviews Korra is trying not to freak out that the person she's in love with is currently friends with benefits with like, the best looking person she's ever seen.

Well, besides who she's in love with, of course. Alpha's Forfeit by Rae D. Magdon reviews It's been three years since Asami and Korra have last seen each other. Asami has devoted herself to her young daughter and rebuilding Republic City, while Korra has struggled to forget her past. Their lives are very different, but when circumstances brings them together again, they are forced to deal with their open-ended relationship.

There was a time when Alex would have stopped, would have allowed Olivia to comfort and console her, but that time had come and gone. Too much had happened between them. Too many lonely nights, too much disappointment. Alex wasn't sure what she wanted anymore, but it sure as hell wasn't this. Her father is controlling and her school life at the Fiore Preparatory Academy for the Gifted is lonely and dull. Her only escape is dance. Alone, because she has yet to find a partner who can keep up with her.

That is, until a smug, pink haired boy sweeps her away. T - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: Besides a mom he never sees and a dad making his life miserable, he has no family. What happens if Fleet Week in the city allows someone with blonde hair and blue eyes to wiggle their way in? And would she be anything more than just some girl at a port to him once he leaves? Asami como la princesa de los domadores, puede dominar animales! The Republic City Miracle by Attropus reviews [AU] Korra loves football and plays at a high level even though, as a girl, its not expected of her.

As a freshman, she defied all the odds and lead her team to an undefeated season and championship, gaining her the nickname of "Miracle. The Valiant In An Empty Garage by Argo0 reviews Hiccup is working at his mechanic job with the entire garage to himself, when his girlfriend Astrid pops in for a surprise visit.

One that ends up being very enjoyable. While Korra must face Kuvira in a threating war, Asami is working to restore Future Industries to its former glory. Can Asami help her to rebuild her shattered psyche in time to save Republic City? Begins after Korra and Mako rescued Bolin from Amon. What if Asami hit Korra instead of Mako in book 1? Korrasami begins in book 1.

No love triangle drama. Asami helps Korra to deal with her problems. More focus on Equalists and Tarrlok. Needing security she hires the best of the best. M for violence, language and possibly other adult themes. K - Spanish - Drama - Chapters: Ella no estaba lista para ser madre. No solo ella, su nuevo, piromaniaco e idiota vecino ayudara a acabar con lo que le quedaba de cordura. Pues dos amigas dieron el consejo perfecto Cuando un peliazul se resiste a dar el paso, a veces la sensualidad de una pelirroja es el mejor arma. QoQ 9 Fairy Tail - Rated: Korra, Mako and Bolin are art students at this university.

Currently Mako and Korra are dating but will it last when Korra meets and emerald eyed beauty? Rated T but might change for latter chapters. Vaatu's Avatar by MissPop reviews Sleeping with the enemy isn't really the best idea, but maybe, just maybe, it can help two people forget the pressures coming from the world. Korra Omegaverse Legend of Korra - Rated: Grande Dame by Lyta Halifax reviews A willing sacrifice derailed.

A nascent love revealed. A town devastated beyond belief. When Chloe Price is given the second chance she neither wanted nor expected, she finds new purpose in doing the impossible: Falling Through Life by SloaneRisette reviews Chloe was a bit busy toking up before seeing Nathan Prescott in the bathroom, and Victoria just happened to need to touch up her makeup right after class. An AU version of Life is Strange, focusing on Max herself, hopefully in-depth, as well as a look at what it would be like if Max and Victoria ended up as friends.

Enredados by Kuchiki's reviews Adolescencia: Fiestas, amor, amistad, alcohol, desamor, tristeza y felicidad. De todo eso y mucho mas es testigo el famoso internado Fairy Tail. Out there, you're the bringer of balance. Out there, you're adored by millions. But in here, you're mine. Using her fortunate run in with the famous firebender, she plans to get close the Fire Ferrets.

Olvidado by Luka-sama reviews Todos quedaron en silencio, Natsu estaba palido y Lucy miraba a todos confundida. No estoy lista para amarte by Korralicious reviews Korra encuentra a Asami muy herida en el viejo gimnasio de "Los Hurones de Fuego". He was a traitor to his people, to his friends He had to leave. But someone's past always defines their future.

No matter how long you try to run, even if it may be years What will Hiccup do when he is forced to go back?

El Portal del Metal. PIncha y descúbrelos.

Hiccstrid in this story. Asami's whole life has been steeped in war - her family and the chiefs of the south have been at each other's throats for generations. Asami wants it to end, and she'll do anything for peace. Based on Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' "Hawksong" First time writing fanfiction of any sort - apologies if I've made any glaring mistakes, but I hope it's enjoyable at least!

Stress Relief by Josy reviews Asami Sato. She finds herself in a bar to red rid of the stress with the help of alcohol. Untill she walks into a stranger that will help her deal with her stress in a way no one told her about. Homeless by Josy reviews What started off as a drabble, now became a story on it's own. Working hard to get by, fate brings a stranger on her path Change by Josy reviews Asami's parents are both alive but her father is arrested and nearly excuted for killing benders all over the world with the held of terrorrists.

Equalists Asami begs Korra to spare his life at the cost of her own freedom Darker LoK AU where the Red Lotus is different from the original series and fight to help benders and non benders alike. She didn't mean to or maybe she did insult him, or nearly kill him, but she did. And as atonement for her crime Dagur exiled Astrid from her kingdom and into the most rotten, uncivilized, barbaric place they know BERK;the only empire that has managed to accept and live with dragons.

One in a Million by Sergeant-Fluffer reviews This is going to be a Vampire AU where Max got turned into a vampire but is completely oblivious to the symptoms and Chloe and Kate are trying their hardest to figure out whats going on with her Life is Strange - Rated: Deal With It by Korrupted reviews Korra is the new Avatar, and Lin is not entirely inspired by the new 'hope for their world'.

To be honest, she is less than impressed. Through trials, and many battles, they become close friends. But, what if close becomes too close? Rated M for graphic violence and sex scenes. What happens when an omega in early heat crosses paths with an alpha that has heightened senses and a secret? Title is subject to change. Rated M because I'm paranoid. Caged and Reborn by Lex Noctis reviews Realizing her mistakes and accepting her fate was the only choice for Kuvira. Solitude and loneliness was to be her penance, but future can be treacherous, changing on a dime. The path to redemption is a long and hard one, yet her hope for change had been ignited by the Avatar herself.

Kovirasami, post-Book 4 Legend of Korra - Rated: An old face returns for vengeance. Tomb Raider - Rated: Dicen que la mirada es el reflejo de nuestra alma. Love Burns Brighter Korrasami Fanfiction by nofacemonster reviews korra and Asami were good friends but the things have started to change This is a korrasami fanfiction purely written on my imaginations, story takes place after the season 3 end. The trip has left Lara in a vulnerable frenzy, but she and Sam have been growing Lara is delighted- but will this be a help or a hindrance to the born survivor? Korra has been a slave for as long as she can remember.

She serves the Imperial Family until a choice is given to her: Become a gladiator to live and die by the sword or to continue her life as a slave without the possibility of freedom. With enemies around every corner, surviving three years in the Arena will not be easy. Chapter 24 Rated M. KoxAs Legend of Korra - Rated: But as she gets older, she realizes her friends may like her more than she thought at first?

Y no en un mal sentido. Who will save Who? Omegaverse Legend of Korra - Rated: Unfailing Love by thelifeofakorrasamiholic reviews Rated M just to be safe G! Love always finds a way. Through thick and thin, blood and tears, trials and tribulations, can these two powerful women fight the odds and stay together? Even through some of the most heartbreaking and pain filled times? Of course they can. It's Korra and Asami. His routine is interrupted by a surprise visit from Asami.

Chrysalis by Ipoxedupeo reviews The Air Nation is undergoing the largest transformation since Harmonic Convergence, Republic City is rebuilding, Kuvira has been imprisoned. The storm seems to have passed. The Avatar and the CEO of Future Industries seem to be falling in love, but soon Korra has a decision to make that causes a rift between them, and an impending calamity has surfaced that may threaten the world. No es incesto, pero definitivamente es Elsanna.

Elsa and Anna are the heiresses of different kingdoms and are married as a result of a betrothal arranged years prior. No incest, but definitely Elsanna. Por obra del destino, se encuentra con una chica de cabello negro y labios rojos que se hace llamar Asami D'Angelo S. KxA Legend of Korra - Rated: To Asami, With Love by Angel of the Starz reviews Korra fell in love with her best friend, Asami Sato, but can't tell her because of a huge past regret. Asami has been receiving notes from a mysterious figure for a few years, and has decided to find out the identity of the person she's fallen for.

Korra knows that disaster will strike once the identity is revealed, since the person Asami is trying to find is herself. En clase, se humillan y pegan mutuamente. Pero sus vidas cambian radicalmente, cuando se despiertan en una barca en medio del mar, con poca comida y mucho tiempo libre. Save the Air Benders by ravensbomb reviews When Asami agreed to help Team Avatar rebuild the Air Nation she expected many things, a whole bunch of immature jokes from Bolin, an increasingly packed air ship, Tenzin and Bumi arguing and Mako being his usual brooding self.

What she certainly hadn't predicted was the confusing, new light she was starting to view Korra in. The winds of change didn't just refer to air benders. Unexpected Offer by jkillman reviews alice saved the convoy from the birds of undead. More Than a Memory by bb reviews Korra and Asami were together, but three years ago, Korra left without a word.

Now she's back in Republic City with no memory of the last three years, and every memory of their happy relationship. Asami has finally moved on with her life. How will she handle having Korra back in it? Sus amigos quieren ayudarla y encontrar a una chica en un bar cambiara su vida completamente. Lo siento, soy nueva en esto, no tengo idea si estoy haciendo esto bien, pero espero les agrade.

Takes place about a year after the second movie ends. Dating and Sports don't mix by Writer reviews Korra is a junior at Republic City High and is an all around athlete who's on her way to playing for a big university. She doesn't want to date anyone, so she says. She's known Asami for practically her whole life. Asami tells herself her and Korra are just friends and Korra tells herself the same thing. What happens when Korra realizes what she really wants?

She's married by Create The Great reviews Asami is lusting after her 'married' coworker at work. Un vergel en Primavera. Perfect family, perfect boyfriend, nice grades, Ms. Popular and captain of the cheerleading squad! You can get anything you want! But, Anna wanted one person that she could never get that disliked her.

There was one exception, one person she wanted but couldn't get. Elsanna Frozen - Rated: That is until director Makarov assigns them a case together. Natsu and Lucy must learn to work together as they face many twists and turns on the way. Dark secrets, lies, and pasts are uncovered leading to an even bigger case. Who said partnership couldn't lead to something more? After five years can she still pick up the pieces of her art and her life? I have a bad habit of sobering up and not writing again so let me know if it's bad drunk or good drunk writing.

It's a museum story now! Lo Prohibido by MissLluvia reviews Asami decide mudarse de su ciudad natal para abrir una nueva sucursal de su empresa, empezar desde cero. Korra se enfrentara a los nervios que conlleva tener un nuevo empleo. Lo prohibido es demasiado tentador. Cada vez que by Sainkokucrepusculo reviews Lucy lo desea. However, instead of living in an ordinary house, her parents bought an old worn out yet big house.

While exploring the place, Max finds herself in the attic where she experiences something unusual. She meets a ghost. A ghost that needs her help to move on to the afterlife by finding out who killed them. La isla de Raava by coffeebeanbite reviews UA.

Ride with me by pixie zombie reviews Modern world, L. Asami is a big shot actress, Korra owns a vintage car repair shop. They meet by accident, and their life changes forever. First fic ever, so bear with me. It's not gonna have many chapters but I hope you enjoy it.

Rated M for later chapters. Also English is not my first language and i'm a little rusty so sorry for that. Peterson reviews "You're awesome, y'know? Soon she's meets a wheel chair bound Korra due to an accidental run in. Asami must later choose life in bliss or a life or revenge, either way she must learn that some battles can never be won even if the world bent to her will. Kuvira x Asami eventual Korrasami, Omegaverse. NaLu Fairy Tail - Rated: Now all she has to do to is pretend to like animals, dodge terrible flirting attempts from Snotlout, and avoid strangling her obnoxious new boss.

Korra admits her feelings for the green eyes beauty; and learns that Asami is more important to her than she realizes. Daughter Of The Red Lotus by jkillman reviews zaheer comes from a long line of rogue air benders, to spite the white lotus and their plans for the avatar; he decided to raise korra as his own. Will she find her true mate or will she lose her place on the throne of the Red Lotus. Intocable by Marcia Andrea reviews Erza Scarlet, era lo imposible, de lo inadmisible.

Between the Wheels by Starblind reviews Time gets away from us. It slips through Asami's hands like water, much like the Avatar that slipped away from her two years ago. Each moment disappears into memory with no time to pause as she fights to realize her highest potential in a world that may try to stop her and confronts the feelings that threaten to consume her.

That first time was the worst, though, because I had not yet learned that you would always come back. Pure Pricefield fluff after the feels trip of episode four.

Fragments by monotony reviews Alice doesn't believe in soul mates, will a chance encounter with a certain redhead change her mind? No it won't, at least not right away. This is completely AU, no zombies whatsoever. La vida llena de secretos de Asami choca con el mayor secreto de Korra. KorrAsami Legend of Korra - Rated: Korra's new life as the Avatar, and her blossoming relationship with Asami, are put to the test when a group called the Blue Lotus decides to alter the Avatar.

If you only want cute and fluffy Korrasami, stop reading after chapter 6: A 22 year old Korra realizes she's been in love with Asami for years. She tries to figure out when it happened and how to handle it by pondering their seven-year friendship to discern if maybe Asami feels the same way. Pero con el tiempo se dieron cuenta que eso ya no era suficiente.

Las sonrisas, las miradas, los roses. That's her full name but she asked me to call her Alex, so I do.

~ Cuando el cielo se convierte en música.

Her nickname makes her seem more approachable, almost more…friendly. I'm not saying that she's not friendly—well I guess I don't really know because I've never interacted with her much outside of work but she's a mystery to me, a mystery that I would like to solve. Adamant by vorvol reviews Lara seems to think that finding the legendary El Dorado is what it takes to prove her worth after the Yamatai incident was covered up. Himiko's powers stir dormant within Sam, who is determined to keep Lara alive.

She determined that this time, she'll be with her all the way. S Endurance Tomb Raider - Rated: Bending still exists but it's extremely rare and not a very big deal anymore. Rating is T for now, but knowing me it'll go up to M in future chapter's. How would this new found wealth shape not only our heroine but the very world around her? Just how could Arcadia Bay handle our heroine if she wasn't as shy or awkward as she was supposed to be?

And with feelings for her sister that threaten to bloom into full-blown incest, she pushes Anna away once more, unwittingly walking into the trap of someone who would use Elsa's powers for their own.


Things aren't always as they appear. The heart is a maze not all can escape from. More than Friends by Bob Bandicoot reviews Lucy is having some certain feelings for one of her closest friends, none other than the beautiful Erza. Will she find a way to show her feelings? With some determination and support from good friends, anything could be possible. My first yuri story. El Guardian by bko. Multiplayer by rowanred81 reviews One-shot AU for Tumblr user and friend summerfelldraws! Chloe Price uses the time between work and home to chill at the arcade where her best friend Rachel Amber works.

One day, Chloe notices that her high score on the Contra machine has been knocked down by someone named "MAX". Chasemarsh, Amberfield, Pricefield, and eventual Amberpricefield. Guns Entwined by bookworm-gurl reviews While on a supply run, our rag-tag convoy of survivors have opened up a proverbial can of worms. Alice and Claire get separated from the group, taking refuge in an abandoned shipping container.

The events that unravel while awaiting help are both steamy and romantic as our two Femme Fatale's finally succumb to each other's desires. Will they ever get along? Also because i can't help myself there's going to be some Mikaani along with your dose of Yumikuri!

There may be sexual scenes later on Who am i kidding? The richest scrapper in the apocalypse gives a ride to a lone wanderer trying to get to Alaska. Easier said than done when bandits, cults, and the walking dead all seem to be after them. Chock full of adventure, steamy bits, and general zombie violence. A lil something for everybody. Two Ones by rowanred81 reviews Alt! Chloe in the main timeline! Romance, humor, fluff, and some tear-jerking moments.

What happens when Max travels back in time to undo saving William's life, and the alternate timeline's Chloe Price is dragged along for the ride? No looking back, only moving forward! Max's powers are essentially gone upon return to the main timeline. Military fic, Omegaverse Warning: Omega's Gambit by Rae D. Magdon reviews When Asami goes into her heat at a very inconvenient time, she must navigate her shifting feelings for Korra and seize control of her intense desires at the same time.

Meanwhile, Korra must remain focused on saving the world instead of allowing herself to be tempted. Korrasami Omegaverse Legend of Korra - Rated: Not the jealous type by Smoothysins reviews [modern AU] No bending. There she meets 'the avatar' one of the dancers, she immediately feels a strong connection towards her, but can she cope with the avatar's job? Worried that she's not good enough for Terra, she confides in the seemingly perfect Asami Sato Legend of Korra - Rated: It boasts significant high-rise development such as the use of automobiles, airships, and an elevated railway transportation - but despite its technological advancements: His parents own a large portion of Nike and Korroh has been training almost his whole life to go to the Olympics.

Korroh has never dated anyone before because soccer always comes first. But that might change when a certain raven haired beauty catches Korroh's eye. May change to M later. Cap 2 desde el punto de vista de Korra. Their YouTube channel is Hiccstrid and they do crazy things for their subscribers; dares, gaming videos that almost give them heart attacks, challenges, collabs We're like fireworks by SparkleMuffin8 reviews "He's not that little kid anymore, is he?

What have I done? As an act of revenge, Asami and Korra team up to become bank robbers, stealing and giving back to the poor people who had lost their lands. Perspectives on Korrak by Soleil la bijoutiere reviews Genderbend. Avatar Korrak throughout his journey, seen by family, friends and foes alike. New story, my new baby, and I'm so proud of what I've done so far; I hope you like it. This mysterious criminal has spent his time studying Korra's every action, and now, he knows her weaknesses. Taking down the Avatar was much more simple than he thought.

The darker skin girl was always attractive to her but recently she was sending Asami over the edge, butterflies were invading her body sending shivers down her spine. T - English - Chapters: Ember Island Prayers by jdc6 reviews AU: What happens when Korra is stuck on a deserted Island with the one person she hates the most It's kinda like a pillow fight. It can be all fun and games, but then things start getting serious. So serious that you feel each hit in your bones. That's what love is like. You don't recognize it until it hits you so hard that you can't see straight.

That you can't see anything else but the person you love. And for Korra that person happened to be her best friend. Love of my life by Mel. Is she really clean? Her friends are skeptical but happy she's back. Contains coarse language that may offend some people. Pero sus amigos no la abandonaran, eso lo sabe She didn't bother to fight the tears that now streamed down her face. And you ignored me. The Avatar by Swani reviews The Avatar has saved the world a dozens times over. She has fame, fans, merchandise, comics, and anything else she could want.

She has even fallen head over heels for award-winning reporter Asami Sato. Asami can't stand The Avatar. A chance meeting will cause The Avatar's alter ego, Korra, to get closer to Asami, but how long can our heroine keep the secret before Legend of Korra - Rated: I Followed You by Windbloom reviews Kuvira has a past that shapes who she is and who she's destined to become.

Suyin Beifong plays an important role.

What starts as a friendship grows into more, and eventually becomes too much. Feelings are dealt with, or not dealt with. Power, lust, obsession, and love mix together to shape two women who, under different circumstances, would have been perfect for eachother. They have been pressuring her to come home and bring home someone special. So she came with a plan get her parents off back but Mako manages to throw an a wrench in it, the name of that wrench is Asami Sato. Are U the One? Ambas son muy felices hasta la llegada de una nueva estudiante..

Korra, a knight-commander for her father's kingdom, struggles with her duties as a peacekeeper after a brutal civil war. After her father pressures her to take a more diplomatic role, Korra finds herself causing more fights than preventing them. Having no where else to turn, she seeks out help from her close friend Asami, the blacksmith's daughter. College Life For Korra by Ace. White Knight reviews Korra goes to collage and meets two girls she really likes, who will she choose? Kuvira is in her seconed year and usally goes for older woman. Asami is also in her seconed year, an out bisexual but has never dated a girl before.

One thing I forgot to mention Asami and Kuvira Hate each other! A vacation to Las Vegas: The City of Sin. Asami is dating Mako has the same idea. When the two group arrive, they are stuck in the same room. Korra doesn't like Asami at all but after a wild night, they end up getting married and winning 3 million yuan. Will Korra survive the married life? Cover by summerfelldraws on Tumblr. Disappearing from Seattle three years ago, Max has returned to Arcadia Bay but seems different from what Chloe remembers Using the LiS world and characters to tell a different story from the game.

Violence, fluff, and explicitness. I hear the gay scene is pretty good up there. Know of any other lesbians or bi girls? Blah blah blah" Korra's parents are relentless! In an attempt to shut them up, Asami offers to be her pretend girlfriend for Christmas, but have they realised what both of them have gotten in store? Who Would you Give your Moment To? Driving Lesson by lovinglyons reviews Korra can't drive and needs a teacher. Asami agrees to help out as a favor to Mako. Korrasami Modern day AU non-cannon.

Rated for a reason; don't like, don't read. Little do they know the effects chemistry will have on them. Talking dirty by MetalWarrior22 reviews Asami talks dirty to tease Korra in the middle of a party. Years of sweat, blood, and tears, and now Commander Korra is finally leading a hand picked multinational team on the first manned mission to Mars. Asami Sato has spent half her life designing the Athena, coordinating with the brightest minds on Earth.

Its an eighteen month mission, but a lot can happen in eighteen months Asami Sato es criada por su padre para unirse a los igualitarios. M para violencia y situaciones sexuales posteriores. Korra and Asami are best friends but Korra has been holding a secret. She's in love with Asami. Which is a slight problem since Asami already has a boyfriend. But then that problem turns into a bigger one once Korra wakes up, after a night of partying, with Asami laying naked next to her.

Humanity by bojangles25 reviews As technology provides humanity new ways to hurt each other, and bending becomes irrelevant, the Avatar has grown more powerful and more ruthless with every generation. Korra is the most powerful Avatar yet, a living God raised by the White Lotus without mercy or humanity. A single woman inspires her to change not only herself, but the cruel image of the Avatar. Book one - Republic City by EgyptAdbydos reviews Omegaverse, Korra is an Alpha and the Avatar, she just finished her firebending test and passed now its time for her to learn airbending, she goes to her Omega, Kairi to celebrate her accomplishment.

Once she learns that Tenzin isn't staying to teach her, she and Kairi along with Naga go to Republic City where they have a great adventure awaiting them. Even if it meant her own heart break. Nothing would stop her from loving Asami. Korra returns to her hometown after being away for three years. The nightmares from the past still haunt her along with the side-effects of her Blood Bending and some lost memories.

She meets Asami, a woman she's having an unexplainable attraction to. Together, they go through a lot of pain as Korra is haunted. Normal Life by Montsai reviews Asami Sato has been traveling the world with her father since her mother's passing. He decides they should settle down back in Republic city.

Asami has taken the challenge of adjusting to a normal life in her senior year of high school while trying to juggle the problems her father has put upon her. She meets amazing people to help her. The Wreckage of Stars by mick3y92 reviews "I was being nice coming to you and presenting this idea as an option but the fact is, it isn't. This is what will happen. I am done fighting people like you and the Earth Queen. Changes In Dynamics by 0oDemigod reviews Harmonic Convergence has passed, leaving the world to enter a new era. However, one mistake leaves Korra navigating new territory, all while Team Avatar attempts to solve a mystery thirteen years in the making.

There's just one catch Kissing On My Tattoos by reiikosilver reviews The wildly popular songfic originally requested by Sharaya has finally made it's way here. Korra drags Kuvira to the club where the former meets Asami and is dumbstruck. The cover image is of hip-hop dancer Kuvira, made by lin-the-bae-fong on tumblr.

With 33, feet of air between her and the ground, she was finally able to admit that she missed Sam. The Athlete and the Engineer by bonehunters6 reviews Korra is the best athlete at her school. Asami is the smartest. And when Korra needs her help, can this two work out their differences? Break Time by miss. Korrasami smut Legend of Korra - Rated: What's Understood by 4everZutara reviews What's Understood, doesn't need to be explained Korra is the only known bender in the world.

As she reaches maturity, her memories and insecurities fuel her fear of losing not only her home, but the only person who had ever given her unconditional acceptance. Yo no soy mala by Ms. Pensando en ti by Maraya Greyjoy reviews Bolin se casa Y mientras yo recuerdo todo lo acontecido luego de romper con Asami Au songfic Legend of Korra - Rated: The deadline is not far away and Mikasa confronts Annie with this. But then a storm arrives, cutting them off from the rest of the world.

They soon become friends Has a rewritten version. Hiroshi and his daughter Asami decide to go on a trip with family friends to the Southern Water Tribe. Hiroshi may not be perfect but he loves his daughter, he can't seem to shake the feeling this trip may not be such a good idea. It doesn't help that the papers keep reporting a serial killer is in the area. Based off my favorite gothic lit short.

Revelations by aamoon13 reviews Korra earns her living as a tattoo artist while attending Republic City University. She begins to have strange visions as a mystery illness starts to plague the people in modern day Republic City. Little does she know, she is marked to change the world. The Dictator by riot reviews Kuvira's time in prison following the events of the season 4 finale; Kuvira sinks into depression over the horrors she committed, and with all her former adopted family against her, Korra is the only one who can see Kuvira for who she really is and is willing to help her rise up again.

Of Alphas and Omegas by 0oDemigod reviews In which Asami accidently goes into heat earlier than expected. Does your inspiration comes from listening to other bands? Sometimes you can borrow parts of other bands. Specially, in the beginning of the career everything is stolen. When you start doing music, you steal everything, you used things of Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Rainbow, but now, in every new album we do, we steal less and less.

When people say this band sounds that Eclipse, is the biggest compliment. The name of the band has something to do with that? No, our first record label showed us a list of names, like Contagious, Rabia… We thought Eclipse al least was a not bad name. If you google Armageddonize you will find our album in first positions. We tried to change name even when we restarted the band, with Ready To Rock, but we thought well some people know us.

Guitar riffs, melody, lyrics? Usually guitar riffs, never lyrics first. We start with a electric guitar and when we find the melodies, we change to acoustic guitar to find the right melodies. If you can play a song in acoustic guitar and it sounds great, then you have a good song.

In Monumentum we can probably play every song, more or less, in acoustic. This could be hard to Slayer. Which band members are part of the writing process? When the drummer start writing songs, the band is over. We would like to talk a little about the members of the band. Eclipse have a new drummer, Philip Crusner. It was really hard to find replacement to Robban.

The bass player remembered seen Philip in a show, years ago, and said he was very cool and a great showman. We look up in Youtube, we had an audition with him playing Eclipse Songs and we said, ok we have a drummer. Phillip is a great drummer, a great showman, a great and funny, a team player, a perfect guy for the band. Robban is an excellent drummer, Phillip is a really good showman, and now he is one of the team.

Magnus Ulfstedt is a drummer too, In fact, he was the drummer in the two first records of the band and he is the current drummer in Grand Design. Did you consider him to play drums? Yeah, we thought in him like a Plan B, is much easier to find a bass player. He is a very big drummer. We saw him, and you, Erik, playing with Ammunition. Yeah, that was in panic. We called Magnus in panic, and he learned the songs while he was flying to Spain. His first gig was in Barcelona. After the return of Magnus Ulfstedt, can we say this is the definitive line up of the band? Yeah, you never know but….

Anyway, the couple Magnus and Erik seems eternal. Yeah we like to drink beer together. So is Eclipse here to stay: We really need youth bands to stay because all the bands are going older…. And a lot of new bands they start and they disappear. And one thing, many successful bands stay for the money, and the people stay because is a good business. Bon Jovi is a great band, of course, but they stay for the money. When Eclipse started, you had to play a lot live, you have a family, outstanding wife, long way from home… So many things that some people are not willing to sacrifice everything for that.

You are a great guitarist, without a doubt, but do you feel better playing guitar riffs or playing solos? Do you prefer to play a main role or a secondary one? I like both, equally. Only think I liked to play like Malcolm Young Riffs, for a lot of may years, but when I was 18 years old, I said I have to learn that solo. And now I like both. Always with your cap.

  1. Die DrachenErde-Saga 1: DRACHENFLUCH (Fantasy-Roman) (German Edition).
  2. The Supply and Demand Paradox: A Treatise on Economics;
  3. .

What are your favourite guitarists? Marshal Amp and Kramer guitar. Erik You have an intense job, you take part in a lot of projects. How important is Eclipse compared to the rest of your projects? Of course, Eclipse is the main reason. I can do the music I love, I can do exactly what I want, without compromise. When I work with others, I compromise because I have to work with the label one, the singer one. I have to taken account what they want, and what I want to hear with him, and what want the fans, and I am a fan and I have a chance to record like the people wants, a classic rock and very melodic.

This is the reason why the WET project was so successful, Jeff is constantly fighting against what the fans want for him. And how do you do that? See, man, my day is just 24 fucking hours! The latest Eclipse album wax mixed in three days. We know about some concert dates, but when is the Monumentum Tour coming? First gig is in one week, Stockholm, Gothenburg.

marzo | | viriAOR

Are you planning a fall-winter tour? Will that tour bring you back to Spain? In our opinion, we miss a rhythm guitar in your shows.