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Be Your Own Personal Stylist | Observer

This translated into overwrought musings that were often copied straight from their blogs, filled with fashion mythology and banal tripe. But I was pleasantly surprised.

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It is a compilation of recent trends with little anecdotes about the designers sprinkled throughout. This is a book for the fashion newbie, for the person whose interest in fashion has been recently piqued, who wants a fashion course on the designers that are shaping the trends of today.

Have you struggled with your personal style in the past? What tips helped you?

But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. Fashion is in the clothes. Style is in the wearer. Begin with the basics - Building a wardrobe actually starts with purging.


Have a bag of tricks - Did you know Aquaphor Ointment will help your feet slip into too-tight shoes or that hairspray can stop a runner in your tights? Do you have fashion tape and foot petals on-hand?

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A good stylist knows how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and keeps a stash of emergency items close by at all times. Reflect on the total picture when piecing together your ensemble for a meeting, a date or a night out. Visit Looklet and Glamstorm — websites that let you play with fashion concepts for free.

Image courtesy of Makeup by Saz. For more on perfect fit click H ERE 5: For more on why accessories matter click H ERE 7: Workout, daily footwear, dressy and casual Evening wear: Plan your looks You can easily plan an outfit for each day -- and every occasion -- if you know your schedule a week in advance. Create your looks Think about what you're doing each day for the coming week. Are you dropping the kids off at camp? Going to the gym? Attending an important meeting?

How To Develop Your Personal Style? Be Your Own Stylist

Having a date night with your husband? Taking the kids to a movie? Whatever it is, there are clothes in your closet that are meant for and are more comfortable for each activity. Consider the current trends and what makes you feel good.

Be Your Own Personal Stylist–3 Tips To *Love* Your Wardrobe Like Never Before

Is your favorite color yellow? Pick out an outfit or two with some yellow tones to make you feel extra good about how you look.


When in doubt, try it on! You will find certain items that you never thought would go together, actually do!