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Monahan May is a debut novel releasing simultaneously in hardcover, paperback, and e-book. An American priest and a Peruvian school teacher meet and fall in love amid the violent struggle between the army and the rebels; they are shadowed by the threat of el pistaco , a mythical fiend the villagers believe feeds on people. The publisher says the book is aimed at literary fiction readers and Christians who want unsanitized stories that reflect the messiness of life. Paraclete plans an expanded fiction line of one or two books a year that it hopes can reach the growing number of Americans who claim no religious affiliation.

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  • For Christian Fiction Editors, It’s Complicated.
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In addition to romance and literary offerings, a number of other subgenres are significant in Christian fiction. Amish fiction remains popular. Brunstetter , whose The Blessing releases in August.

For Christian Fiction Editors, It’s Complicated

It tells the story of an Amish woman and her six students who bond while cooking favorite Amish dishes in Holmes County, Ohio. The Beloved Christmas Quilt Sept.

Kregel Publications also has some new historicals in A Song of Home: Watson of Tyndale House says: Rather than just straight linear historical fiction, we see a lot of novels that bridge two periods of time—what we call time-slip stories. The trend continues at HarperCollins: Lost Castle by Kristy Cambron Feb.

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Biblical fiction is another Christian genre. More biblical fiction comes from the HarperLegend imprint HarperOne: Deborah Calling by Avraham Azrieli June is a fictionalized retelling of the story of the biblical prophetess Deborah. Another Tyndale title tied to current events is Kremlin Conspiracy Mar.

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Rosenberg, whose 12 novels have sold more than three million copies. Other potentially fruitful genres have presented themselves. Kincaid is the author of the bestseller A Dog Named Christmas , and Noelle also explores the bond between a family and its dogs in a story set during the holidays. It forces us to be more creative—in our channels of distribution, in our packaging, in our pitches, and in how we help readers find stories—but it also helps us find new opportunities. Fatal Trust by Todd M. This legal thriller follows a defense attorney struggling to build a law practice while caring for his sick mother.


He accepts a case promising big money, but it could cost him his career. In Edwardian England, a young woman falls in with thieves to survive on the streets of London until she becomes a spy sent to determine whether a friend of the king is loyal to him. A Norwegian family emigrates to Minnesota in , dreaming of owning a farm of their own, but must contend with difficult relatives and backbreaking work. Snelling is the author of 70 books that have sold a combined five million copies.

The first book in a new series set in both the past and the present as a woman returns to Amish life after years away in the wider world. The Soldier Who Killed a King: This is a collection of four romance novellas by authors who have written many books about the Amish community. Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter June. Bestselling author Colleen Coble returns to her fictional small town of Rock Harbor and finds both romance and danger.

Abiding Mercy by Ruth Reid July. A high school teacher finds love on her summer vacation in Savannah, Ga. Carlson is the author of more than books with sales topping 6. Fault Lines by Thomas Locke Aug. This is speculative fiction by Davis Bunn writing under a pseudonym; his books have sold seven million copies and been published in 25 languages. Bread of Angels by Tessa Afshar June. In ancient Rome, a woman establishes her own business and struggles against the norms of that male-dominated society. She hears the message of the Apostle Paul and her life is transformed.

The Divide by Jolina Petersheim June.

Christian Fiction Keeps Its Allure

A combination of dystopian and Amish fiction tells the story of a young woman whose Old Order Mennonite community must flee to the mountains after invaders take down the power grid; she searches for the Englischer pilot who held off invading looters long enough for the community to escape.

As I wrote the proposal for Running Scared , my husband and I were getting ready to travel to China to meet and adopt our seven year old daughter. We were in the lobby of the civil affairs office, and she walked around the corner carrying a strawberry ice cream cone, her white hair cut short and nearly glowing, her clear blue eyes filled with the same anticipation and fear that I felt. She was a stranger. As compelling as that moment of meeting would be, I knew that I had to begin their story after the phone call that brought Kane to Deer Park, Washington, and after his initial meeting with his son.


Their story, after all, had to be about Maggie Tennyson, as well. It had to build the mystery and romance and the faith that grew as all three characters learned to trust each other. My online read, Dangerous Secrets , does just that. Levi McCleary is her high school sweetheart, a guy whose big city dreams and need for adventure pulled him from Deer Park and from her life.

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