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New developments in Google Knowledge Graph, such as Voice Search and Carousel, have made this product even more user-friendly. Google's ongoing efforts to make its search engine compatible with your mobile devices make for an increasingly versatile tool. We love "A Google A Day," which presents users with daily trivia challenges that they are supposed to answer using Google. This is a great way for educators to incorporate research-skills practice into a fun daily activity.

Students can also use instaGrok to evaluate sources and to quiz themselves on specific topics. Students can understand the links between subjects and explore the breadth as well as depth of research topics.

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  • Grading Made Fast and Easy for Online Faculty (Online Teaching and Learning Book 1).

When InstaGrok is run through Edmodo, students can submit work they've created in instaGrok as assignments in Edmodo; Edmodo class members are immediately registered for instaGrok. A series of videos that emphasizes self-paced, interactive learning with a large number of online lessons across a variety of subjects. Students of all ages and skill levels. It is also useful for parents and teachers. Khan Academy is one of the first sites to have free, high-quality videos that are actually personal. In addition to recently releasing a free iPad app, Khan Academy is making waves in the world of standardized testing.

It launched a competition to find the best resources to help students prepare for the redesigned MCAT which is coming this April , and they partnered with College Board to create free and open SAT prep materials for the new version of the test coming out in PatrickJMT gives students access to a wide variety of free online video tutorials in math.

Students studying elementary through early college-level mathematics. PatrickJMT offers a large number of free video tutorials online. In addition, it has a store through MindBites in which users can purchase videos to download. Students can buy individual lessons or entire series. The free videos are a great starting point, and they can be downloaded for offline studying.

One part calculator and one part encyclopedia. From showing you step-by-step solutions to complex equations to telling you everything you need to know about the 17th president of the United States Andrew Johnson , this database provides systematized knowledge in an accessible way. College students, particularly those involved in STEM studies.

Also useful for students of all ages and skill levels, as well as teachers and professionals. Wolfram Alpha offers step-by-step solutions to help students actually learn material. It also provides wonderful visual representations of its content. Perhaps most impressive of all is the wide variety topics covered by Wolfram Alpha's system. Duolingo is a language-learning app and website that features comprehensive guides for nine of the most commonly taught languages in the U.

10 amazing grading apps that help teachers save time

First-time learners as well as veterans looking to brush up on their skills before a trip; especially friendly for younger audiences. Most free language-learning apps can feel like a random stack of unrelated flashcards. Duolingo actually features an intuitive, step-by-step learning progression that leads speakers through the basics of the language while gently challenging them and explaining key grammatical concepts. Duolingo has a track record of excellence in design and education.

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It is also expanding this year, adding new languages like Swedish and greatly improving its Web experience. Pleco gives you the freedom to engage with the Chinese language in a variety of ways. It serves as a digital dictionary that helps with vocabulary and also enables you to look up characters from texts, images, and even handwriting. Looking up an unknown Chinese character can be tricky — it's a process that involves counting the number of brushstrokes and, for beginners, a certain amount of luck.

Pleco makes learning new vocabulary easier. Apps to help students learn languages with different characters, let alone a language as famously complex as Chinese, are rare. Pleco has been around for years, and it continues to release new versions of its app the latest was in October — thus enhancing the user experience that has won it such widespread support. Pleco started out as a Palm app designed by a high school student! It has since evolved into one of the most prominent Chinese language applications available on iPhone and Android. SpanishDict is a Spanish translation tool with a built-in community of Spanish language learners.

It is a Spanish-English dictionary with more than a million entries, but it is also a translation service and an active forum. On top of that, SpanishDict hosts about 25, flashcards, about 5, "video pronunciations" wherein native Spanish speakers use the language in context , and 90 full-length Spanish lessons.

As the Spanish-speaking population in the United states continues to grow — the Pew Research Center estimates that Spanish is a first language for SpanishDict is a great way for those interested in becoming fluent to learn Spanish. Coursera works with world-renowned universities to give users access to free online courses. Students can learn at their own pace and receive certificates as they complete courses.

College students, as well as adults and professionals interested in personal and professional development. Coursera distinguishes itself from other MOOC providers by the close partnerships it maintains with a large number of well-known educational institutions its CEO is former Yale president Rick Levin. Because of its wide array of affiliations, Coursera is able to provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality courses in one online location and one format. While all courses are accessible for free, students who would like to receive verified certificates can join the company's Signature Track for a fee.

This means that entrepreneurship students are pitching their ideas to potential business partners, and the best projects presented by Mobile Cloud Computing specialists make appearances in the Play store. It offers deeply-researched, information-packed video courses in episodic format on big topics like world history and astronomy. The content of these videos is probably best suited for a high school or college-aged audience. Crash Course videos tend to be fast-paced and funny, with a zany humor that should be familiar to YouTube connoisseurs everywhere.

Although these videos cover a lot of material, they're eminently entertaining and easy to watch. Crash Course was undertaken as an initiative by YouTube in Some of Crash Course's charm comes from its recurring segments, such as the many videos containing "open letters" to historical figures, periods, objects, and even ideas. These letters range from the serious to the patently absurd. It offers lectures, videos, books, and other educational materials. To participate in private courses, though, you'll also need an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod touch with iOS 7 or higher.

The Public Site Manager allows schools to distribute courses and educational materials. It's accessible to K—12 schools as well as institutions of higher learning. The iTunes U app for the iPad allows teachers to custom-design courses with assignments, materials, and study notes. This enables instructors to craft customized learning experiences for their students. Last year, iTunes U released an upgrade that allows educators to edit coursework from their iPads. It also allows students and teachers to communicate through a group chat. As of June , Apple reported that 10 million iPads were being used in schools.

The University of Reddit is an online learning community, self-described as an "experimental, open-source, peer-to-peer teaching and learning platform. Classes are free for registered users, and anyone can register to teach or take courses. Classes can be taught by a single teacher or by multiple teachers. Users who sign up to teach classes are provided with teacher admin panels.

These allow teachers to manage their classes, send mass personalized messages to their students, and access a file hosting service upon request. The University of Reddit is one of many tools that allow individuals to take ownership of their education — whether they are focused on self-improvement or strictly academic courses.

The University of Reddit takes this educational democratization to a whole new level by allowing any interested person to become a student as well as a teacher. Plotly provides a user-friendly platform in which graphs can be created and shared in a Web-based format. Students, teachers, scientists, and businesses. This system is sophisticated enough to support the data visualization needs of working scientists, but user-friendly enough to be a valuable learning tool in a classroom setting. Plotly helps students learn how to visually represent and interpret data.

Teachers can collect assignments online, and students can access a wide variety of tutorials in case they need a refresher or extra help with a specific technique. As those in the education space put more information on the cloud, Plotly provides a great way for students to collaborate on projects across classrooms and continents. Prezi allows you to make cool interactive presentations and collaborate on projects in real time.

It can also feed updates of your work to your devices. One of the things that makes Prezi stand out is the versatility of its presentations.

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  8. Prezi has moved away from the traditional notion of slides and gives users new data-presentation methods that are not only visually appealing, but also conducive to audience engagement. Prezi raised 57 million dollars in investments in At the same time that it exceeded 50 million dollars in funding, it did the same in the number of users. StudyBlue is a popular online studying platform. It boasts a gigantic library of user-created flashcards and study guides.

    The free version of StudyBlue gives you access to suggested flashcards within particular interest sets, whereas the paid version gives you access to all of the decks in the library more than million of them.

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    Quizlet allows users to create study tools, such quizzes, flashcards, and games — which can then be accessed on computers or mobile devices. It also allows teachers to create study resources and share them with an entire class. Quizlet gives users the ability to custom-design their study experiences.

    Study tools can be shared among users and accessed through a variety of devices. With its large fan base, Quizlet wants to continue expanding by integrating external courses and developing new tools for specific subjects, such as verb conjugators. Cold Turkey will help you to stay focused and on task by allowing you to block applications, websites, or even the entire Internet for a fixed amount of time.

    This application is about prevention, planning, and user control. Users have the opportunity to customize their experiences, plan events, and schedule breaks. A scientific study at Duke found that subjects with less self-control, or the ability to regulate attention and emotions, are more likely to have poor health and difficulties with money. Cold Turkey, named one of TechRadar's best free PC productivity tools , can help students learn self-control and facilitate future success.

    If you are looking for a Mac equivalent, try SelfControl. This change in lighting is supposed to help you sleep better by affecting the way blue light is used in your nighttime computer screen. Anyone with a computer. This is a particularly valuable resource for people with sleep difficulties, since the color change that occurs toward the latter part of the day helps create an environment conducive to sleeping. A recent study in the medical journal BMJ Open found that using any blue-light emitting device an hour before bed had up to a 52 percent increase in someone needing more than an hour to fall asleep.

    The AMA found that using dim red lighting could minimize this effect. Given the importance of sleep in influencing your ability to consolidate memories and focus , this tool could be your key to a restful night before final exams — and every other school day, as well. In a Wired article , author Kyle VanHemert listed the integration of f. This productivity app helps you stay focused by giving you the tools you need to implement the Pomodoro Technique — a method of focusing that involves short periods of concentration followed by quick breaks — in your work life and study habits.

    You can download a timer to your desktop or mobile device that keeps track of how long you've been focused on a particular task and helps you remember when to take breaks. Students, employees, and businesses, as well as freelance workers and consultants. Focus Booster bridges the gap between a time-tested focus strategy the Pomodoro Technique and the digital age. The recent release of Focus Booster HQ has helped to transform this product from a virtual timer into an all-out time management machine.

    HQ now gives users the ability to monitor specific projects, keep track of the time they spend working, and analyze their productivity with charts and graphs. Focus Booster, with HQ in tow, not only promotes better focus and productivity among its users, but now also allows them to develop a deeper understanding of their work habits. Since Focus Booster HQ allows students to track their progress from project to project, they are able to identify which subjects and topics present them with the greatest difficulty.

    This functionality allows them to identify potential areas of weakness that may require extra study time. RescueTime helps you monitor how you are spending your time when you are on your computer, and it provides reports that analyze your productivity. Students, writers, academics, and businesspeople. RescueTime also offers a research platform that is useful for universities and other groups interested in gathering data.

    By analyzing your RescueTime report, you can identify where you are losing valuable moments to procrastination or unproductive tasks. RescueTime allows you to set goals and alarms to keep you on track. It also gives you productivity scores and sends you weekly emails about your work patterns so you can monitor your progress. RescueTime is now supported on Zapier, a tool that integrates Web apps for a streamlined workflow.

    This means that users can more easily integrate information from their other organizational apps into their RescueTime app. Unstuck is like a private life coach that lives in your computer or phone.

    Once it has categorized your current state of mind, it prompts you with ideas for overcoming your current situation. The device asks you engaging and insightful questions, much in the way a friend or family member might. This is great for working through issues that others might not have the time to discuss with you, or that might be too personal for you to discuss with someone else.

    Showbie is a platform that combines all essential tools for assignments, communication and feedback. Showbie has an effective gradebook with many other features. You can also add a meaningful text with feedback. You also have some room to add text comments. But the real time-saver is the ability to add audio feedback: Viper is an anti-plagiarism scanner and promises to scan uploaded documents for plagiarism, a serious issue in academic, business, and publishing circles. Viper is effective at identifying plagiarized passages and noticing potentially similar passages, mis-identified or mis-attributed quotes, and other suspicious sentences.

    ZipGrade is a grading app that helps you grade multiple choice tests in minutes. Simply scan the tests with your smartphone, and the app does the rest. Of course, not everything is about grades. BookWidgets is a learning platform that allows teachers to create fun and engaging interactive lessons for tablets and computers. The tool has over 40 activities, such as quizzes, crosswords, worksheets, and other interactive teaching apps.

    Once the teacher has made an assignment, the student can fill it in and send it back to the teacher. By the time it gets there, the assignement or test is already graded! The teachers' dashboard allows you to follow your student in time and give them constructive feedback. You access the platform and download the results anytime, anywhere. Itunes U makes it easy to organize your classroom. With homework hand-in, an integrated grade book, and private discussions everything will be just fine.

    You can deliver lessons, grade assignments, and stay connected. Everything is just one iPad away. With Edmodo you can quickly create groups, assign homework, schedule quizzes, manage progress, and more. Edmodo is a platform designed to give you complete control over your digital classroom. Its layout looks a lot like Facebook. You can assign an ordinary quiz to your students and Edmodo will grade it automatically. Grade ticker is a simple tool for professors and teachers to keep track of point deductions as you grade papers and exams.

    Calculate the grade at the exact moment and save time by not doing a post grade tally. GradeBook Pro is a powerful classroom management tool. Its many features allow teachers to categorize assignments and view grades by category, use either weighted or standard grade scales, award extra credit or deduct penalty points, calculate the average score for each assignment, evaluate overall class performance, email grade, attendance or status reports to students.

    You can create PDF reports of class grades, rosters and attendance records. It helps you grade and analyze online assignments and assessments. You can also email scores to students!

    Best Practices and Expectations for Online Teaching

    Formative lets you distribute an assignment to your students. Students make it, and you get live results. You can follow your students in their learning process of that assignment and give instant grades and feedback. Apart from these amazing and helpful apps, grades have to be justified.

    Interactive Information Providers

    These apps are useless in speaking exercises or large essays. Anyone can grade, that is true, but some teachers still doubt their objectivity and what they exactly just graded.