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When she gets a phone call that her younger son Scott may be involved in a hazing scandal at the private school where he coaches wrestling and she is on the board, she and her family are thrown into a panic. Everyone got worked up about the hazing scandal way too quickly — one phone call Sylvie Bates-McAllister is a wealthy widow and mother of two grown sons. Everyone got worked up about the hazing scandal way too quickly — one phone call and everyone went nuts without knowing any details at all — before any formal investigation or charges were brought.

The characters were all very one-dimensional, especially Scott. Sylvie and her late husband adopted Scott when he was a toddler. He is biracial African-American and white and Sylvie and the rest of the family are white. However, if that was indeed her intent, she did not do a very good job.

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The story took a weird turn about three-fourths of the way in and some of the storylines were just dropped with no resolution at all. Sep 28, Diane rated it really liked it. Reading this insightful novel by Sara Shepard made me uncomfortable at times. The self-destructive behavior of some of her characters may hit a little close to home for some readers, and I think that many readers may recognize themselves in some of the characters.

Sylvie is a wealthy recent widow, and mother to two grown sons: Charles, her birth son and Scott, adopted when he just a few years old. Charles always felt that he disappointed his father, that he wasn't the son his father wanted.

Scott Reading this insightful novel by Sara Shepard made me uncomfortable at times. Scott is an angry, sullen young man whom everyone feels they have to tiptoe around lest they set him off. Charles recently married Joanna, a young woman from a different side of town, whose troubled mother is always visiting the ER complaining of various illnesses. Sylvie's grandfather ran a local boarding school for children from wealthy families.

Sylvie adored her grandfather, even living in his home and serving on the board of the school. A scandal at the school involves Scott, who works as a wrestling coach. I found the fact that no one in Sylvie's family ever really communicated honestly with each other led to bad decisions, or worse, no decisions at all. I wanted to shake them all out of their stasis, yet at the same time, understood their reluctance to face their problems head on. It is a part of human nature we can all relate to.

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Shepard's characters are authentic and heartbreaking. She really gets into the nitty-gritty of what it means to be a newlywed, a mom, a widow, a son. The title of the book refers to what happens when you think you have everything you ever wanted: Joanna has Charles, whom she has dreamed of meeting since she was a young girl, Sylvie has her work at the school and her good, respected family name; Scott grew up in an intact, wealthy family with every monetary advantage; Charles has a lovely wife and a brand new house.

But once you have everything you want, you may realize that it may not be everything you hoped it to be. This is a novel that will make you squirm a little bit, and maybe even encourage you to be a little more introspective about your own life. Nov 18, Elly rated it it was amazing. When the father dies of an aneurism the family is broken. When the father dies and they find out he was having an affair with his son's girlfriend the whole family is shocked. His brother was committed of hazing the kids on the wresting team at the school.

When the whole family is accused and not wont speak up their mother Sylvie questions her son. What will happen to their family? Will they ever go back to their perfectness and at piece? Will they ever heal from the tragedies? I gave this book 4 stars because it was so good and action packed. It really kept you wanting to read more and more.

Although, and some points the book got very confusing and I had to stop and think what was going on. This is really an amazing book and I recommend this book to anyone who loves Sara Shepard as much as I do. May 10, Donna McBroom-Theriot rated it it was amazing. One phone call can change everything When Sylvie Bates-McAllister, a recently-widowed mother of two, receives a late-night phone call from the prestigious school founded by her grandfather, her family is thrown into chaos. Her adopted son Scott may have been involved in a hazing scandal --and it may or may not have led to the death of one of the boys he coaches on the school team.

Sylvie must decide between maintaining her outwardly perfect life --the family estate outside Phi About the Book: Sylvie must decide between maintaining her outwardly perfect life --the family estate outside Philadelphia inherited from her grandfather, the school, the reputation --and the son who she feels wants nothing to do with her.

For all the Bates-McAllisters, the phone call awakens questions lain dormant for years, revealing a tangled web of secrets that ties the family together: The quest to push past a legacy of resentment and judgments to unravel the truth takes the family on individual journeys across state lines, into hospitals, through the Pennsylvania woods, and face-to-face with the question: One thing I always like to do is figure out why a book has been giving its name. It took me a while to figure out where the title came from.

It actually took me to the end of the book. To tell you, would be giving the book away and I want you to read it instead. I could not quite figure out the plot to this book. I guess I was looking for a complicated plot when it became apparent to me that I was looking for something that was not there; the plot was simple. The book is about a family that struggles through life, something we all do. It is about how we do the best we can through each phase of our lives.

The book is about how we make mistakes. The book is about how we do things to get the attention of those we love. It is a story about how complicated relationships can be; those haunting memories of what could have been; should have been. It is about what finally breaks us; what finally allow us to either connect or disconnect with people. It is only when we peel away the layers of the past that we clearly see the present and begin the future, thus fulfilling our destiny. The only disappointment in the book for me was the ending.

The ending left you with the impression that all works out, but I would have liked that extra chapter; I am a closer. I am giving this book two thumbs up that is all I have and would highly recommend reading it. The author of the bestselling young adult series, Pretty Little Liarsand The Lying Game, as well as the adult novel, The Visibles, she currently lives outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband and dogs. This book is set for release in October Oct 24, Chrissy rated it it was ok Shelves: The plot revolves around Sylvie, a widow and a prominent lady of society.

She has two sons; Charles, who is married to Joanna, and Scott, who was adopted and never quite fit into the lives of the "upper crust" family. When the novel opens, Sylvie has learned that a child Scott coached on the wrestling team has died, and the suspected cause is hazing. Scott is in a process of investigation, as he is accused of having been aware of the hazing and allegedly did nothing to stop it -- before leading to a probable case of murder.

The story alternates between the perspectives of Sylvia, Joanna, Scott, and Charles, often in random, confusing manners without explanation of the time or events that have passed between. The reader learns that one tragic event dissolved the bond between Scott and Charles, Charles and his ex-girlfriend, Sylvie and her now deceased husband, as well as the boys and their now deceased father.

Each knows tiny bits of the story, but none quite communicate enough for anyone to really understand the impacts of what happened. Unfortunately, the event is neither climatic nor unpredictable, and the characters really do nothing with the information they hold. The story jumps too much between characters and events, without any meaningful cohesion, and the ending just didn't leave me fulfilled or glad in any way to have finished this chore of a novel.

Aug 23, Mrs Mommy Booknerd http: As many of you know I am a fan of Sara Shepard. I have read every book she has written and enjoyed them all.

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Both series are now shows on ABC Family. Pretty Little Liars is about to wrap of their second season and The Lying Game has just begun this summer. Both of which I am hooked on. I was able to read a galley of the book through Net Galley. I just love that Shepard can fill my craving for juicy, page turning YA, as well as mature, thought provoking novels.

Everything We Have Ever Wanted has a multifaceted story about family, history and love. Click here for a list of interest-specific sites grouped by category. If you are located outside the U. I could not put it down. Sara Shepard, the bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars , delivers a powerful novel of family dreams, lies, and delusions. Everything We Ever Wanted begins with a phone call with allegations that rock an upper crust Philadelphia family to its very foundations, unlocking years of secrets and scandals that expose the serious flaws in outwardly perfect lives.

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    Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book is painfully slow. I'm usually not one to stop reading a book until it's finished, but it was so boring that I had to put it down and go back to it three different times. I finally got through it, and I'm still not sure what the actual story line of the book is supposed to be. I felt like there was no real ending, and all of the characters just kind of tapered off. I also feel that there are inconsistencies throughout the book. For example, one of the characters says that she is driving home, yet the other character had stormed off with the car, so where did this car magically come from?

    Another character states that he threw his cell phone out of the window, but when he gets a new phone, he transfers all of his contacts. Did he memorize his whole contact list? Just little things like that. Overall, I wouldn't bother with this book. If you feel like you must read it, I'd check it out from the library and save your money.

    Everything We Ever Wanted by Sara Shepard

    One person found this helpful. I've read everything that Sara Shepard has put out, but could not get through this book. I've honestly tried several times and can only get in a few chapters and get bored or literally fall asleep and never have the desire to finish it, which is not something I ever do. I couldn't get into it at all. It certainly did not disappoint! Highly recommend this book!

    Too confusing to follow. Wasn't sure who the main characters were. Some characters just disappeared and the author did not finish up some of the stories. This book was alright. Not great, but not bad either. This book is an ok read Also, the ending was too "tidy" for me Sarah Shepard is a good writer and overall I enjoyed the writing. But I thought the author did a grave injustice to this book and to the reader. We are priviliged to much introspection from 3 characters, but very little interaction and dialogue between or among the characters.

    Everything We Ever Wanted

    While Scott is perhaps the most interesting character, we only get insight into his feelings in the epilogue. The problems that move the plot along are solved or addressed off camera so to speak.. We don't really know. Shepard doesn't tell you. She does hint in some cases. So ultimately we don't get closure from the characters resolving their issues with one another I read the book cover to cover and kept hoping the author would let me in And I was left with the feeling of Is this really the end?

    I felt obligated to finish this book because it was a Vine selection.

    Paperback Editions

    I didn't ever really feel drawn in or invested in the characters, unfortunately, so this became a tedious experience. Every person in this book was insincere, obsessed with appearances, and shallow. No one had any spiritual center or moral backbone. Yet--they weren't evil which would have at least been kind of interesting. I plowed through anyway, hoping that something interesting would happen.