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Queen Kate has told us that every year herself and the National Fairy Council visit the tree and Nordman on the date the first fairy appeared to remember where it all began and how their community started.

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Have you ever wondered if you drew your own tree how it would look? Write your name in the middle and the names of all of your family too. Your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Link all of the names together like branches… so you to your sister, your dad to his brother, your granddad to your Mam and so on. You could colour it in when you are finished too! And then when you have your cousins or your Gran over for tea, why not show them and of course tell them all about the Fairy Tree too.

Most importantly make sure you leave it out for your fairy to see. He or she will love to find out where their favourite little human has come from! Well we have but we were sworn to secrecy We use cookies to provide you with a better service. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies. The Fairy Family Tree Fairies, like all creatures have a large family, some relatives are close while some are more distant. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A super cute photo style picture book for young ones. A mischievous fairy is in trouble after using too much magic with her babysitters. When she gets her wand taken away, she has to figure out how to get her new babysitter, a brainiac who is inventing a special machine, to give it back to her. Will they stay mad at each other all night long? Or will they go on an epic adventure of very small proportions? Read this book to find out!

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One person found this helpful. This book is beautiful and engaging. The STEM facts and information are very interesting. I learned new things as an adult reader. In this enjoyable story Bekki the playful girl with magical abilities, tries to help the babysitter with her science project, and the fun begins. The book is full of amazing pictures that could tell a story by itself.

But the story line is well written and has a good story to tell. I enjoyed this fun book and give it five stars. Bekki strikes again in this delightful follow up to A Fairy in the Family. Humorous and lavishly illustrated. Find out what happens when Bekki faces "the most no-funnest babysitter in the world. See all 4 reviews. They are also shown in the seventh book with the ability to "trim the weight", in which they rapidly mobilise their body fat as dwarf gas to rapidly escape dangerous situations.

Dwarves can only use this ability every ten years, and it is usually triggered by great stress. Goblins are reptilian fairies, often described as upright, raptor like creatures minus the claws and feathers. They are quite stupid as they have brains the size of rats, but they can still talk and to a certain extent work machinery like lasers and sometimes even computers. They have the ability to create fireballs in their hands, or shoot them through their nostrils sometimes by inhaling fireballs created in their own hands.

Groups of goblins are involved in an ongoing turf war with groups of dwarves. They make their clothing from their own shed skin.

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In Book 3, Holly describes goblins as "Evolution's little joke", with the reasoning, "pick the dumbest creatures on the planet, and give them the ability to conjure fire". Also there are Generals Sputa and Phlebum, leaders of the triad, and captain now lieutenant after killing D'Nall and Aymon Nyle, a young, cocky goblin captain also enlisted in the goblin revolution. Another notable goblin is Lieutenant Poll.

He was the leader of the goblin hit squad who nearly killed Root and Butler in book 2.

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After straying too close to an avalanche to inspect the "bodies" of Butler and Root, a one-ton pane of ice put "some big hole in Lieutenant Poll. I could see right through 'im. An' I don't mean that like he was a bad liar. Gnomes are seen and mentioned in every book, but we are not told very much about their race in general. They are described as being about 2 feet tall. We know that some of them are professional wrestlers fairy wrestling is done in zero gravity chambers. Gnomes have been described as slightly stupid and very argumentative, and that they have massive backsides.

It is not mentioned on whether or not Gnomes are a family of the fairies. There is more or less one notable gnome mentioned in the Artemis Fowl series Ark Sool as the successor to Julius Root. Jerbal Argon is also a gnome. Pixies like to play tricks like stealing horses at night and bringing them back in the morning with their manes tangled.

Pixies appear more childlike and grow the same height as a young child, with their giant heads being largely disproportionate to their bodies. These fairies are regarded as 'walking therapy' by other fairies, due to their innocent faces and usually sunny exuberance.

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Pixies have the gift mesmer and the gift of tongues. They have large brains, fragile skulls, small lungs, and short legs. Many pixies are extremely cheeky; However,their large skulls and brain makes them susceptible to carry diseases.

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  • Sprites are very much like elves, but they have wings and green skin. Most males are flirts, who believe that they are 'God's gift to women'. They have limited healing abilities, in book 2 it was said "Sprites can magic away a wart, but gaping wounds are beyond them. They also possess the gift of tongues. Injuring the wings of a sprite can be potentially fatal, as the sprites main blood vessels are located there. Sprites have the fastest reflexes of any type of fairy, as mentioned in book 2 "Even if Foaly had the reaction of a sprite, there was no way that he could draw up all of his hooves before the plasma shock blasted him right out of his specially modified swivel chair".

    There is a type of sprite called the water sprite which has batlike wings. A notable sprite is Chix Verbil, a flirtatious, nervous character, who was present in the Fowl Manor siege, was injured by the goblins in book 2, and also allowed Mulch access to his starter chip in book 4. Another famous sprite is Unix, Turnball Root's right-hand fairy. Unix had his wings removed in a fight with a troll. Gremlins have only been mentioned once or twice in the Artemis Fowl series. We do not know anything about them, except some work in the LEP.

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    We first heard of them when Commander Root "doused his cigar in the coffee cup of a passing gremlin" just before he saw the footage of Captain Holly Short's kidnap in the first book. Also, as Root was in the terminal on his way to Fowl Manor, the attendant is being mobbed by a large amount of gremlins. It's also possible that in the graphic novel a gremlin is seen attaching an arm patch to Root as they prepare to head to Fowl Manor.