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The economy as we know it is a man 'made' reality. It is quite different from a Nature economy.

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Nature has a way of providing for itself. We cannot deny the fact that a helping hand from the Chinese comes at the most critical time in our respective countries, but we have to be careful. The problem with general elections is that it makes itself guilty of what economists call the free-rider problem. A person can gain the benefit of something without incurring the costs associated with this.

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The constitutional judgment that legalised the private use of dagga will go down in the anals of history as restoring human dignity,the natural order of society to freedom. Teaching happens in a cooperative environment. But the school must take full accountability on the disciplinary levels in the premises. In a country where hatred, violence is part of our daily news and lawlessness of leadership has become a norm, what do we expect of our youth? To tackle corruption within both the public and private sector, many researchers have looked to the emergence of new technology to curb this pestilence.

One game-change which has been highlighted is Blockchain. Harsher controls would only mean less legal guns in circulation, illicit trafficking will continue and a move like this will only leave the public more vulnerable than it already is. As at the 2nd quarter of , South Africa is officially the worst economy among the 44 countries tracked by the OECD, and the only one in technical recession.

A low social morale in a country driven by negative news, inflation and crime rates means people are less likely to shop and spend money, which results in lowered probability of potential entrepreneurship. What is worse, Melanie? I'm really keen to hear. Nike developed this campaign in order to increase their grip on young consumers. Twenty four years of affirmative action has brought the South African economy to its knees.

The family and descendants of Jakobus Frederik De Beer, who was the first legal owner of the Kimberley diamond fields have during the last week open criminal investigation cases against De Beers Mining, the Oppenheimers and all parties involved. Press Code We subscribe to the Press Code. E-mail Newsletters You choose what you want.

Who is Satan?

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Paul tells of how his missionary plans were frustrated in 1 Thessalonians 2: It is the same with us as it was with Job.

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Satan accuses us before God, as he did Job. The path to victory in this warfare is to hold fast to Christ who has already dealt the decisive blow.

Christianity's devil

How do we do that? Here is how they did it according to Revelation They spoke that truth in faith. They did not fear death. The New Testament highlights prayer as the pervasive accompaniment of every battle. As the close of this age draws near, and Satan rages, Jesus calls us to wartime prayer: Similarly, Peter makes an urgent call to end-time prayer: Even Jesus fought against the devil on our behalf with the weapon of prayer. He said to Peter in Luke And, of course, Jesus instructed us to make prayer a daily weapon for protection in general: That is, deliver us from the successful temptation of the evil one.

Do you confront the designs of the devil with the focused and determined power of prayer? The question is not whether you want to be in this war. Everyone is in it.

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There is no neutral zone. The Lord Jesus is no less a warrior today than in the days of old. So I urge you again: Unwitting Servant of Our Sanctification God intends that part of our preparation for heaven be a life of warfare with hell. Satan lies, and is the father of lies. If God created the universe , and everything God creates is good, then Satan must have been something good that went bad, Walls said. There are other references to Satan in the Bible, depending on different interpretations.

The Fall of Satan and the Victory of Christ

The Hebrew Bible has two passages about people who aren't respectful toward God. In these passages, Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, human rulers make outrageous boasts, and some Christians interpret these actions as expressions of Satan, Walls said.

Moreover, the gospel of Paul in the New Testament refers to the snake from the Garden of Eden as Satan, though the snake isn't described that way in Genesis, Walls said. In this sense, the snake and Satan can be seen as tempters that try to get people to disobey God, but aren't always successful, Walls said.

Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena ]. Satan can also emerge as the enemy — the "other," or an "outside" group. The Hasids, a Jewish sect whose name translates into "The Holy Ones," were the first group in Judeo-Christian history to seriously discuss Satan, she said.

The Devil in the Bible

The Hasids lived just before the Common Era and didn't like how the Romans and some of their Jewish collaborators ruled their country, Pagels said. So, the Hasids withdrew from Jewish society and began preaching about the end of times, when God would destroy all of the evil people, "which meant all of the Romans and all of the Jews who cooperated with them," Pagels said. The Hasids took a radical position: They said that they were following God, while their enemies had turned to the dark side , possibly without even knowing it. At this point of her research, Pagels had an epiphany, she said: The concept of Satan emerges when communities split.

Radical groups want a clean break between themselves and their enemies, and so they describe their enemies as Satan, as devils who will one day face God's wrath. They know whom they're talking about.