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Where Is All the Goo? (Novelette)

But she's never been adorable. Without a word to Jane, he turns and goes to the counter to order. The Saturday routine is broken. But before she can start reading, Elena reaches over and rests her hand on Jane's.


Her hand is firm and cool, the nails pale and polished. Jane wants to pull her hand away but that would be rude. He serves every happiness, don't you think? Good Dad does deserve every happiness. Bad Dad, on the other hand, deserves to be punished. Elena releases Jane's hand. She removes a few packets of Sweet and Low from the container on the table, then slips them into a thin leather purse on the floor beneath her chair.

Can we two girls agree that from now on we'll both take good care of your wonderful father? You took them and put them in your purse. Elena shoots him a grateful look. The store puts those little packets out for customers to take. He places a large cup topped with white froth on the table in front of Elena, like an offering. He didn't let her come with him to the counter.

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He didn't let her choose. But now, with a flourish, he places a huge piece of chocolate cake in front of her. And next to it, he sets a tall glass of pink lemonade.

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Between bites of cake and sips of lemonade, she waits for Dad to ask about her week. He and Elena chat, smiling and leaning toward each other. Jane wants to tell him about her soccer game, about the two goals she scored. And she wants to tell him about how Vanilla Mouse escaped from her cage last Monday while Jane was cleaning it, but how the next day Jane just happened to look up from her book to see Vanilla, tiny and white, strolling across her bedroom floor! She can't wait to tell Dad about how she recaptured Vanilla, whooshing the colander down to trap her.

It had been Jane's idea to keep the colander by her bed, just in case. And Vanilla seemed glad to be returned to her cage, rushing to her water dispenser for a long drink. But Dad doesn't ask about her week. She walks back to the children's section, half expecting them to call her back. But when she glances back, they're talking, their heads close together. Two of the stories are set in Cherryh's Alliance-Union universe: Although it contains the majority of Cherryh's other short fiction published as of , the collection is not fully comprehensive as it excludes most of her work published in the various shared world anthologies to which she has contributed.

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  • Short fiction by Cherryh not part of this anthology includes:. The cover art, by Michael Whelan , originally appeared on the cover of Sunfall , Cherryh's book of short stories included in this collection, but as a mirror image of the artwork used for the new collection.

    On the original Sunfall cover, in other words, the figures depicted in the artwork face to the left, not to the right see image. The artwork illustrates the Sunfall short story "Nightgame Rome ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Magic Jane

    For the sunfall event, see sunset. Archived from the original on Cherryh's works The Cherryh Odyssey Cherryh. Retrieved from " https: Cherryh DAW Books books. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Simply put, every word counts: Jane also stressed the importance of carefulness when crafting a short story: The key ingredient of specificity was repeatedly highlighted — as difficult as it is to pronounce!

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    To this end, she encouraged the attendees and the SWC staff to complete a writing exercise, asking us to write down an aim for the rest of the night, the rest of the year and the rest of our lives, and feasible reasons why this goal might not be accomplished. The target was to be as specific as possible in the detailing of our aspirations — a lesson that should then be readily transferred to our characters in short stories. And in every story, every character must want something, just like humans do — as Jane reminded us, the more specific, the better it will come across in the story itself.

    Jane recommended asking those very questions of characters, and she also underlined the importance of ensuring that every character in the story deserves to be there — that they indisputably merit a place within the narrative. Throughout, the workshop was intently focused on genuinely helping writers to perfect their short story technique, a message that seemed to resonate very strongly with the workshop attendees. The workshop, brimming with suggestions and ideas, delivered a keen, incisive and highly helpful insight into perfecting short stories, one that certainly inspired and motivated.

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